Pinot Gris Reserve

Pinot Gris is an early ripening grape variety that produces soft, fresh and elegant wines. This is one of the most widely produced and consumed varieties in Italy. It is made as a white and a rosé wine. François Lurton was a pioneer, as the first to plant Pinot Gris in Argentina.


Winemaking techniques

We use direct pressing and empty the crates directly into the press without using pumps, as is done in Champagne. Pressing is performed quickly to avoid the must macerating with the marc and limit colour extraction. The must is then clarified naturally using cold treatment. Next, 70% undergoes fermentation in stainless steel vats and 30% integral fermentation in barrels, at a low temperature (14 to 17°C) with selected yeast. Maturation on fine lees for three months in stainless steel vats with weekly pumping over to add body and volume on the palate. 30% of the wine spends 8 to 10 months in second-fill barrels.

Tasting notes

Clear greenish colour with bright touches. Fresh, delicately floral aromas supported by a peach and apricot profile. This intense wine will open up over time, allowing its particular features to shine through. Very fresh in the attack. Full and substantial on the palate, borne up by beautiful acidity and wonderfully lingering aromas.

Bodega Piedra Negra


Bodega Piedra Negra

Chicken tagine with curry

IG Los Chacayes

Lobster in armorican

Pasta Carbonara

Pinot Gris

Puff pastry of scallops


Two pepper Pizza




90 pts – Wine Align

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