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Each form limits the collection of personal data to what is strictly necessary (minimising data), and in particular indicates:

  • What the reasons are for collecting the data (purpose);
  • If the data is required or optional for handling your request;
  • Who is able to access it (in principle only the CNIL, unless the form specifies that transmission to a third party is required to process your request);
  • Your data protection rights and how to exercise them with the CNIL.

Personal data collected as part of the services offered on are handled using secure protocols and allow François Lurton S.A. to process the requests received via its computer applications.

For information or to exercise your data protection rights regarding the handling of personal data managed by François Lurton S.A., please contact the data protection officer (DPO):

using this form

or by email (enclosing your identification if you wish to exercise your rights) to the following address:

FAO the DPO – Data Protection Officer

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