Merlot, a grape variety traditionally used in Bordeaux, has become the most widely planted red grape in the world. It offers roundness, finesse and complexity. It is a grape that loves deep, rich soils that retain a certain level of moisture in summer.


Winemaking techniques

After careful tasting of the plots, the grapes are harvested when perfectly ripe, early in the morning and using a machine to limit grape oxidation. Traditional vinification in temperature-controlled vats. This brings out the fruit and a supple style. Extraction is gentle, obtained using short daily episodes of rack and return and pumping over at the beginning of the fermentation process. Maceration lasts for a total of 30 days. A third of the volume is placed in barrels at the end of alcoholic fermentation, ready for malolactic fermentation. The remainder is kept in stainless steel vats to preserve the fruit. Yeast stirring is performed for the first three months for all batches.

Tasting notes

A fresh cherry colour. A complex nose where fresh, black fruit aromas mingle with roasted coffee and cocoa aromas. Hugely delicate on the palate with red fruit and dark chocolate notes. The very refined tannins coat the palate and allow the enjoyment to linger.

AOP Bordeaux

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Bordeaux by FL


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