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A new way to explore the world of wine and its hidden treasures…

Art and Culture


Immerse yourself in the history of Spain, its culture, its landscapes and its wines. We offer a series of magnificent experiences covering the wine, terroir, and natural surroundings of our bodega Campo Eliseo. The tour begins with a visit to a historic manor house and its underground cellars, with explanations of winegrowing and winemaking processes. An exclusive tour to discover this estate little by little. The combination of wine and gastronomy will immerse you in a unique experience as you discover our winemaking philosophy and enjoy a menu created specially for one of the most prestigious restaurants in the province of Valladolid.  

  1. Guided tour of the bodega with a reception in the 18th-century ancestral home and an opportunity to discover the modern installations (cold storage, sorting table and first processing) and visit the underground cellars.
  2. Wine tasting accompanied by a selection of local cheeses.
  3. Menu in Michelin-starred restaurant La Botica with our Campo Eliseo wines.


  • This is offered morning and afternoon, with either lunch or dinner (please contact us).
  • Transport not included.
  • We recommend wearing layers of clothing for the tour of the underground cellars 

By Mathilde Bazin de Caix, Director of Bodegas Campo Eliseo and Hermanos Lurton