Sauvignon Blanc

A white grape variety originally from France (Loire Valley and Bordeaux). Sauvignon Blanc is particularly well adapted to cool climates and oceanic influences. Sauvignon Blanc is valued for its freshness and its remarkable aromatic intensity.


Winemaking techniques

Harvesting by machine (between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m.) to take advantage of the cool temperatures and limit oxidation phenomena. Maceration on the skins (8-12 hours) and/or cold stabilisation at 8-10°C for several days. Pneumatic pressing. Fermentation at 16-18°C with selected yeast to reveal the typical character of Sauvignon Blanc. Maturation on fine lees for several months before blending. The wine is kept away from oxygen throughout the winemaking process.

Tasting notes

A pale, bright yellow colour with some touches of green. This wine offers up an alchemic combination of citrus fruit (lemon and lime), white flowers (honeysuckle) and hints of exotic fruit and nettle.

Elegant on the palate with beautiful balance between the soft attack with its fresh fruit and blackcurrant leaf aromas, and the lovely minerality paired with grapefruit notes.

Aperitif / Appetizers

Domaine Les Salices


Domaine Les Salices

IGP Pays d'Oc

Melon with Parma ham Italian style

Puff pastry of scallops

Sauteed shrimp with ginger

Sauvignon Blanc


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